Writing strategy – Google Earth and World Building

If you’re writing a post-apocalyptic adventure, I bet you’re trying to grapple the geography of the new world. I know I am, but I stumbled across a helpful tool that can act as a guide – and it’s free!


If you haven’t downloaded Google Earth it’s time you did so. Not only is it great for us geonerds (where else can I get such great, interactive information about the geology of Texas?), but you can use it for your writing too!


Want to know how far your hero much walk to get to a destination? Need to keep track of all the places in your story? Then you’ll find this tool rather useful.


Here’s an example of my own work:New America.jpgI’ve got my major factions, their areas of influence, conflict areas, place names, event locations, and routes. I also plan, once my outline is finalized, on mapping out my hero’s journey across the wasteland. This will give me a real sense of the scale of the story as well as understand how much time needs to pass to accommodate the distances.

But it can also be a huge procrastination tool for those of us who want to get out polygons JUUUUUST right, so be careful.


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