Stanley Kubrick Continues to Haunt Your Childhood

The other day I posted a move review of The Babadook and within it I referenced a scene in The Shining where Shelly Duval’s character Wendy goes up the stairs and finds man in a bear suit giving an older man (heretofore unseen) a blow job. When I first saw this, I freaked the fuck out. The tension, the sudden zoom into the bear’s face, the music, all of it compounded into a scene of true psycological terror. Of all the horror scenes in that movie, that one scene stuck with me more than any other – more than the twins in the hallway, more than the dead woman in the bathtub.

After giving the scene a good ponder, I just had to spend about half an hour of my precious evening when all kids were asleep to find out just what that scene was all about, for when I first saw it it seemed so incredibly out of place. As it turns out, it is not out of place at all, it is just that I had been watching the movie wrong for years.

Turns out Jack Torrence is a pedophile. And it totally makes sense. Rather than sum up these points in text, I recommend watching this video (it’s eight minutes long, but is totally worth it).

After watching this and reading a couple of fan theory websites, I went back to my usual task of cleaning the kitchen while listening to audiobooks (currently listening to Red Seas under Red Skies by Scott Lynch and it is great), but I had a hard time loosing myself in the story because Stanley Kubrick’s genius was fucking with my head. As a father of two beautiful girls, the idea of child abuse hits me in the stomach, leaving a hollow place where the human soul may have been. At the same time, I have stained the water clear, and can now appreciate the film in a whole new light.


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